Rental conditions of a holiday home in Provence La Petite Colline

To reserve
You can make a reservation via the form on our website (email) or by writing to our contact address. Do not forget to mention your identity details, address, booking period as well as the total amount and the amount of the deposit to be paid. Once the reservation has been made, it is binding and you agree to our terms and conditions.

We as the owner-lessor will send you a letter in duplicate as confirmation of which you 1ex. signed must be returned together with a signed copy of our terms and conditions.

The reservation will only be converted into a definitive booking once the deposit of 40% of the total rent and cleaning costs has been transferred to the bank account of the owner/tenant*.

Bank account :

BE79 6787 4218 7033 in the name of Hans Van Gaeveren, Dumortierlaan 5/32, 8300 Knokke.

The balance (60%) of the rent and cleaning costs + the deposit must be transferred no later than 6 weeks before the start of your stay.

For “late” bookings/reservations (within 6 weeks of the start of the stay), the total amount (100% rent + deposit) must be paid in full within 8 days after reservation and in any case before the start of the rental period.

The deposit serves in the first instance to cover any costs as a result of direct or indirect damage caused to the home or its contents. Furthermore, it can be invoked to settle the consumption of electricity and to cover the landlord’s claims as a result of the tenant’s non-compliance with the rental conditions.

In the event that the deposit proves to be insufficient for the damage suffered or excessive consumption, the landlord can still demand additional compensation from the tenant.

Refund of the deposit does not automatically imply an acknowledgment by the lessor that no damage has been caused to the property. The deposit can at no time be regarded as part of the payment of rent or advance payment thereon. The cleaning service at the end of your rental and the rental of the linen will be deducted from this deposit.

Cancellation by the tenant
As mentioned above, the reservation is binding and the tenant automatically agrees to the general rental conditions.

In case of cancellation within 10 days after the reservation, the tenant owes an administrative fee of 80 euros. The non-payment of the deposit within ten days after the reservation is equated to cancellation by the tenant.

In the event of cancellation later than 10 days after reservation, but 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, the deposit remains acquired for the landlord and he is free to re-let the property for the period in question. The non-payment of the balance of 60% and the deposit at the latest 6 weeks before the start of the rental period is considered a cancellation by the tenant. In case of cancellation less than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, the full rent (advance and balance) will remain for the landlord.

Cancellation by the host
If due to unforeseen circumstances the landlord is forced to cancel the reservation earlier than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, the deposit already paid will be refunded, but without compensation for any damage whatsoever. If the cancellation occurs after 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, the rent and deposit paid will be refunded plus 20% compensation on top of the rental price.

Cleaning house + terrain
In any case, the tenant will always leave the house tidy and leave it smudge-free. No dirty dishes are left behind and the washing machine, fridge and dirt buckets must be empty and tidy on departure. Household waste, glass and paper must be taken away. Barbecue must be completely cleaned after use, bucket with charcoal must be emptied.

Extra cleaning (by a specialized cleaning team) is provided after your departure to prepare the whole again for the next landlord.

Swimming pool
In view of the legislation in force in France regarding swimming pools, the tenant has an approved installation at his disposal. Access protection for children and inexperienced persons is provided by means of a swimming pool alarm, which must always be used carefully. (also at night)

In any case, access to the swimming pool must be denied to children without a swimming certificate who is not accompanied by an adult with a swimming certificate.

In the event of an accident, the lessor can never be held liable. The pool is maintained by a professional who visits regularly according to his own schedule and who must be granted access.

The swimming pool is delivered with clear water in accordance with the health regulations. If the water discolors during the rental period (eg due to weather conditions, use of too many sun creams and oils or other external causes), the landlord cannot be held responsible for this. This does not mean that he will do his utmost to prevent this (if it is reported in time).

Miscellaneous provisions
Involvement of the property
The rental period extends from Saturday to Saturday. The property can be occupied from 4 pm and vacated before 9:30 am. The keys will be collected on arrival and deposited back on departure at a location indicated by the landlord.

If the keys were taken by mistake by the tenant, the landlord must be notified immediately. The keys will then be returned as soon as possible by express and registered mail.

The house is non-smoking. Smokers are requested to smoke outside, not to throw the butts in nature, but to extinguish them in a controlled manner and to dispose of them with the household waste.

Acceptance of the property
Complaints must be reported to the landlord within 24 hours. Subsequent complaints can no longer be accepted. If justified and possible, the landlord will remedy the situation within the shortest possible time. Subjective criteria such as tranquility, privacy and beautiful views cannot be challenged.

Use of the household effects, loss or breakage
After the stay, the household effects may not show any signs of wear other than those acceptable for normal use for which the goods are deemed useful. Loss or breakage that jeopardizes the further use of the house must be reported immediately so that the landlord can provide for replacement or repair in time.

In the event of absence, the tenant must protect shutters, awnings and all other possible objects against suddenly rising wind.

Drainage Systems
Under no circumstances may the tenant throw items into sinks, baths, showers, toilets or sinks that could clog the drainage system or fall outside the daily intended use of these installations. The correct cleaning products are normally present. When purchasing your own cleaning products, make sure that they are suitable for septic tanks. Unclogging products (destop) are out of the question. In any case, do not use “Bleach” or “Eau de Javel” as they may affect the bacteriological activity of the septic tank.

Subletting, overcrowding and visitors
The tenant is not allowed to sublet partially or completely the property without the permission of the landlord. When signing the agreement, the number of residents is stated, indicating the number above and below three years. Visitors and permitted subtenants must be informed of the terms and conditions and the tenant bears all responsibility for them. Under no circumstances can visitors or subtenants be offered accommodation that exceeds the normal capacity of the house. Overnight stays of third parties in a motorhome, tent or other sleeping accommodation are not allowed.

Pets are not allowed.

In view of the fire hazard, the French legislator is inexorable for the undisciplined fire-maker. Any form of open fire with wood or charcoal is totally prohibited. Barbecuing is possible, but is only possible with the barbecue present and it is mandatory to always have a bucket of water at hand next to the barbecue.

Granting access
The tenant is obliged to grant access to persons such as handymen or cleaning staff or others who are responsible for the maintenance and insurance of the proper functioning of the swimming pool and house. Access must also be granted, by arrangement, to the landlord or its appointed or potential future tenants.

The landlord can never be held liable in the event of any accident in and around the house

Neighbors rest
It remains very important to ensure maximum peace and quiet. Given the silence around, sounds carry very far and easily disturb the tranquility of the wider area. To this end, radio or music is only allowed outside the home if it is carefully turned on with sound intended for the immediate environment. We also ask you to pay attention to too much noise from the young people. After 10 pm no noise is allowed that extends beyond the immediate surroundings within the domain.